BreachRx is the first intelligent incident response platform that provides operational resilience for the entire enterprise by automatically generating tailored incident response plans and providing targeted guidance to relevant stakeholders through every step of the process.

BreachRx brings order to the chaos that is incident response today. Traditionally, companies have dealt with incident response by hoping for the best, waiting until an incident happens, and then trying to throw scarce resources at the problem with stale paper plans and procedures. The once-a-year tabletop doesn’t challenge the business to truly practice, leaving everyone unprepared. Further, the dominant sentiment from legal teams has been to record and disclose as little as possible to attempt to get through the incident with minimal fallout. Not only has this been slow and expensive but also it simply has not worked, as we have seen with recent court cases where CISOs have wrongfully taken the hit for the breach and the content from entire chat servers has been made available to the prosecution. This “best practice” for incident response is far overdue to be replaced.

The BreachRx platform supports all stages of incident response, from preparing, responding, recovering, complying, and exercising. It enables customers to shift to a proactive stance for cyber risk operational resilience and incident preparedness. And it covers more than just security needs. The BreachRx platform includes the latest regulatory requirements and compliance standards with instructions and deadlines for every step. Further, the platform enables a level of transparency and communication across all parts of the corporation while protecting legal privilege. The result is a comprehensive, rapid response plan tailored to each incident and to the company which guides the actions teams take, utilizes resources efficiently, saves money, and, most importantly, provides a record that protects CISOs, corporate executives, and board members.