As a technology enthusiast, Matt has hosted his own websites and blog for over 20 years. While he infamously ran the site from a server on his basement coffee table, he long ago migrated to a proper hosting environment in a friend’s rack at a major data center.

Over the years, he’s often offered to host a new site on the server for a friend, start-up he was advising, or non-profit/community organization. When contemplating the value of the companies that were first hosted on the server, we realized that it exceeded one billion dollars, thus making his little Dell server a “billion dollar server”.

The list of companies hosted on the box thus far include:

  • FusionX (acquired by Accenture)
  • iSIGHT Partners dev site (acquired by FireEye for $275m)
  • Carbon Black ($1.6b IPO)
  • Terrorism Research Center, Inc. (acquired by EP Investments)
  • Terrorism Early Warning Group Collab (pre-cursor to DHS Fusion Centers)
  • FedCyber conference
  • Kyrus Technology
  • Pedaling for Patriots (raised over $1m for charity)
  • Great Leap Brewing
  • Technical Security Countermeasures Corp
  • Disruptive Solutions LLC
  • Opsurv

A pretty decent run for our humble server. Want to be next?